As He Is
Christopher B. Harbin
Psalm 31:1-5; John 14:1-14; Acts 7:55-60; 1 Peter 2:2-10

"I am the way, the truth, and the life." The words are so comfortable to us they could easily lull us to sleep. "No one comes to the Father, except by me." We hear in these words that our lives and eternities are secure, safe, and decided. Everything is OK, you can go back to sleep, now. Aren't we missing something in being so assured, safe, and comfortable with these words of Jesus? After all, who is this Jesus, anyway? What is meant about Jesus being the way?
The disciples did not know what to make of Jesus' words. "Where are you going?" they asked. "Show us the Father!" How clueless could they be? Certainly, we understand what he meant, right? Pray the prayer, state a belief that Jesus is God's way of salvation, ask forgiveness, and go back to what you would be doing if you weren't uncomfortable with being confused. Who is this Jesus, and what could he mean by being the way, truth, and life?
Stephen was one of the seven deacons set apart to handle the issues of making peace among the young Jerusalem church. As the others, however, he took on more than just seeing to an equitable distribution of financial assistance among the needy. He accepted his role in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the community at large. Sure, he did his duty on the church grievance board, but his life took on a much greater focus than dealing with internal squabbles. He ministered the message of Jesus Christ, even in the face of persecution.
I know, you thought that church squabbles could kill you, but being faithful to Jesus Christ was a much more dangerous occupation that making peace within the church walls. When some of the Jews found the security of their positions threatened, they had Stephen accused falsely of blasphemy. They riled up the populace painting Stephen as a threat to tradition, culture, and heritage, tacking on faith for good measure.
Luke recor ...

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