by Dr. J. Vernon McGee

The Millennium
Dr. J. Vernon McGee

What is the Millennium?
Where is the Millennium?
When is the Millennium?
Who establishes the Millennium? And why is the Millennium?
Beginning with Isaiah and continuing through the Old Testament, there is a section of Scripture which is called the prophetic portion of the Bible. Although the predictive element bulks large in this section, the prophets were more than foretellers. Actually, God raised up these men in a decadent day when both priest and king had failed.
Isaiah and all the Old Testament prophets were extremely nationalistic. They rebuked sin in high as well as low places. They warned the nation. They pleaded with a proud people to humble themselves and return to God. Fire and tears were mingled in their message, which was not one of doom and gloom alone, for they saw the Day of the Lord and the glory to follow. All of them looked through the darkness to the dawn of a new day. In the night of sin they saw the light of a coming Savior and Sovereign; they saw the Millennial Kingdom coming in all its fullness. We must understand their message before we can correctly interpret the Kingdom in the New Testament. The correct perspective of the Kingdom must be gained through the eyes of the Old Testament prophets.
We shall confine our glimpse into the Millennium through the eyes of Isaiah, although throughout the pages of Scripture and especially in the Prophets, there is further information regarding this great subject.
Millennium. Where do we get the word? What does it mean? It is like several other important words that are essential for our understanding of the Bible but which do not actually appear in it. The word millennium does not appear in the Bible but words that mean millennium do appear repeatedly.
The word millennium comes from two Latin words: mille, meaning "one thousand" and annus, meaning "years." A millennium is one thousand years. In the Greek, the word used is chilia. You'll hear that term used ...

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