by John Barnett

Seven Days from the Life of Christ
John Barnett

Jesus lived the perfect life. Amazingly with such a full and demanding life, our Lord made it a habit to retreat to quiet places. There alone Christ expressed His absence of self-sufficiency by PRAYER. Look at Mark 1 to examine a couple of days in His life. Mark 1:21 starts one of the fullest days of His life. He had just returned Luke 4 tells us from the attempt on His life by the mob at Nazareth. Now He heals and teaches all day . . . note the next morning v. 35. No well deserved sleep in. No His spiritual life reigned! What a monitor of our spiritual condition prayer is. Without prayer we run on our own course, in our own strength and for our own glory. Through prayer we run on God's course, in the Sprit's power and for the glory of Christ ! What is your prayer habits revealing about self-sufficiency in your life tonight?

If you read closely the New Testament record you find a reference to specific days in the ministry of Jesus. By comparing the four gospel accounts we find there are 52 "days" chronicled in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. We will study just seven of them tonight. The first one was one of the most celebrated. We call it Christmas. On that night God sent a celestial sound and light show to herald the birth of the King of the Universe into human affairs. The Eternal One became an infant, and was born in a stable! The last day is His ascension to heaven. The Life of Christ may be divided into seven key days' events which together frame the entire earthly life of Christ !

I. HIS BIRTH In Matthew 1-2 we are introduced to the King of the Universe to only the Humble, shows the only way to His Presence. Who missed out on His arrival ? Remember them:
A. First there was AUGUSTUS: "Mr. BIG" Luke 2:1 And it came to pass in those days [that] a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered. (NKJV)
1. Augustus was too big to notice the significance of t ...

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