by Jeff Lynn

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Turning Disability into Possibility (2 of 10)
Series: Can You Deliver
Judges 3:12-30
Jeff Lynn
Preached on January 17, 2010



It took Roger Crawford (picture) 16 years to learn to tie his shoes. It was a lesson in persistence and creativity that's helped him overcome countless challenges. Doctors once told Crawford's parents that their newborn son would never walk. He had a rare condition called ectrodactylism that resulted in physical deformities from the knees down and elbows down. He has underdeveloped forearms with only a thumb on his right hand and thumb and forefinger on his left. Both his arms and legs are shorter than normal, he has three toes on his right foot, and his lower left leg was amputated when he was five.
But he was blessed with parents who refused to see their son as "handicapped" and who helped him find new ways to do things that other children took for granted. They also gave him tools to bounce back when people didn't look past his physical challenges to see what he could accomplish.
Roger looked passed his disability and became a member of the Loyola Marymount University tennis team.
He remains the only person with four impaired limbs to compete in the NCAA Division one sport.
Interestingly enough, Roger is called, "America's Possibility Coach," and a dear friend.
Many believers in Christ see themselves as handicapped or disabled in one way or another. And if they don't see themselves as disabled, they certainly see themselves as limited in some capacity. You may fit into the category.
They argue that they can't sing, preach, or dance. They excuse themselves from doing something significant or sacrificial because they don't believe they have the goods.

This morning we are going to see a man through whom God worked to "deliver."

TEXT: Judges 3:12-15

How DO you turn a disability into possibility; the possibility of delivering someone out from under the oppression of some sin or stran ...

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