by Jeff Lynn

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How to Know Where to Deliver (4 of 10)
Series: Can You Deliver?
Judges 6:11-40
Jeff Lynn
Preached January 31, 2010



TEXT: JUDGES 6:1-6 (Highlight the results of oppression)


As you've heard me say over the last several weeks, although the title of this series is "Can You Deliver?" the question should really be, "Will You Deliver?" because every follower of Christ is in the delivery business.

Jesus told the disciples in Acts 1, just prior to his ascension into heaven; "You shall be my witnesses."

To what are we witnesses?
What Jesus has done in our lives and what He can do in the lives of others.
We are to deliver the message that you can be free from the power and penalty of sin.

However, you may be struggling as to where that might be.

Is it in the job you have currently; is it in the neighborhood in which you reside; is it by being a part of some organization; etc.?

Over the years people have come to my office and asked, "Pastor, how can I know what God wants me to do or where He wants me to go?"

You may be saying this morning, "Yes, Lord, I want to be used in some capacity to deliver; I just don't know where."
Here's something to consider: more than likely you don't have to go looking for a place to serve; it's that God calls you to a place to deliver.

Perhaps you have been in Christian circles long enough to have heard people use the phrase; "I'll just put out the fleece," which basically means that someone is going to ask God to do something to "show" them His will in a particular matter. They usually want to make God do something out of the ordinary to prove to them that this is His will. This passage that we will examine now is from where that idea comes.
Although many well-intentioned believers have "put out the fleece," we are going to see that this is not the preferred method. In fact, this is the only time that something like this takes place.
When I was a pasto ...

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