by Wayne Hinson

Requirements for Real Prosperity
Wayne Hinson
2 Chronicles 7: 13-16

I. A Divine Warning Concerning Eventual Destruction

A. The Source Of Provision
B. The Source Of Protection
C. The Source Of Privilege

II. A Divine Way Connected To Eventual Delight

A. The Responsibility Of Man To Prepare

1. Crucifying Of Self
2. Calling Upon The Saviour
3. Confessing Our Sins

B. The Responsibility Of God To Pour Out

1. God Will Hear Our Supplications
2. God Will Handle Our Sins
3. God Will Heal Our Surroundings

III.A Divine Working Concerning Eternal Development

A. A House With A Boundary
B. A House With A Blessing
C. A House With A Banner
D. A House With A Bounty

Intro: Shortly after the end of World War II, a thing called prosperity began to infiltrate the rank and file of the church. History and God's Word will prove that no nation or people has ever survived the ungodliness that is produced from prosperity. No nation or people have remained close to God during times of prosperity. The simple truth is that mankind cannot handle long term prosperity. From this influx of prosperity in the church world, we saw the rise of one unBiblical doctrine called ''Kingdom Theology'', which erroneously teaches that God wants all His children to be prosperous in this present world. Scores of so-called preachers jumped on that bandwagon and enormous ministries sprang up all over the country. This doctrine is perverted and pagan and is a disruption to the clear teaching of God's Word. The Bible never teaches personal and physical prosperity. It does teach spiritual prosperity. Just as Israel had a tremendous problem maintaining spiritual prosperity, so the church today is struggling with the same problem. An outpouring of spiritual prosperity is what we call revival. In our text, God establishes and proclaims certain necessary preparations that must be met in order for His people to receive the blessings of spiritual prosperity. Our Lord Jesus wrote to th ...

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