by Jeff Lynn

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How to Experience Financial Freedom (9 of 13)
Exercising the Discipline of Money
Series: No Guts, No Glory
Jeff Lynn
Luke 12:13-21
Preached March 8, 2009


Over the last six weeks in this series on staying spiritually fit we have covered the disciplines of prayer and of the bible. Today we move into the discipline of money.

In his book, Money, the Acid Test, David McConaughy writes:

"Money, the most common of temporal things, involves uncommon and eternal consequences. Even though it may be done quite unconsciously, money molds men-in the process of getting it, saving, of using it, of giving it, of accounting for it. Depending on how it is handled, it proves either a blessing or curse to its possessor: either the man becomes master of his money, or the money becomes master of the man."
David McConaughy
Money, the Acid Test

How disciplined are you when it comes to money?

Are you financially free?

I don't mean financially free in that you are independently wealthy and have no need to work.

I mean financially free in that you are

• Not being owned by money
• Not having most of your mental and emotional energies exhausted worrying about finances.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a message about this church getting your money.

Would you not agree that it's difficult to be spiritually liberated if you're in financial bondage?
There is a constant weight on your heart and mind about money, and how you can get by, etc.

The bible has a lot to say about money, although one survey found that only 51% of people believed the Bible contained guidance about money.

In fact,
• The Bible has more than 2,500 direct references to money
• The New Testament says more about money than about heaven and hell combined.
• Five times more is said about money than prayer and faith.
• 16 of the 38 parables Jesus told are concerned with how to manage money and possessions.

Why? Because Jesus knew that where your treasu ...

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