NOT SO FAST (10 OF 13)

by Jeff Lynn

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Not so Fast (10 of 13)
Series: No Guts, No Glory
Jeff Lynn
Matthew 6:16-18


I hope over the last few weeks you've been putting into practice some of these disciplines I've highlighted; prayer, bible intake and giving.

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you about the discipline of fasting.

Fasting is probably one of the least practiced and least popular disciplines of the faith, but yet perhaps one of the most beneficial. In fact, I questioned whether or not to preach about this practice because of the obscurity of it.

I'm not sure what comes to your mind when you hear the word ''fast.'' You may think of it like you do wheat germ or flax seed oil. You know it's probably good for you….but you're not about to try it.
You may think it's for the super saints or for those who have the ''gift'' of fasting.

But today, my prayer is that you listen with an open mind and heart. My desire is that we have a culture of praying and fasting on a regular basis here at Yorktown.
I hope there is some clarity for you and a desire to begin practicing this discipline.

TEXT: MATTHEW 6:16- 18 (ESV)

There will be some who will say that fasting is not for today.
However, Jesus fully expected His disciples to fast.
He didn't say ''if'' you fast; He said ''when'' you fast.
Jesus really never gave us any instructions on fasting; probably because it was as routine as was eating. No one has to be instructed on how to eat……
Jesus did issue a warning, however. He said not to go around advertising the fact that you are fasting to show how religious you are or to try and show God how humble you are.
In Isaiah 58 God tells His people that they are fasting for all the wrong reasons.
That's the reason for the title of this message. God is saying, ''Not So Fast.''

Then He shows the purpose.

Let's first of all make sure we know what a fast is.
The word fast means, ''deny one's self.''

This is far from the attitude that people have today. We have ...

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