by Ernest Easley

How to Meet God
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Exodus 19
April 25, 2010

What would you say today if I told you that it was possible for you to meet God? Now for some of you .. you would say, "Well Ernest, you're too late. I've already met God. And since meeting Him, my life has never been the same."
Wonderful! I mean .. that you have met God and that your life has forever been changed. Others would say, "Well Ernest, you're right on time. I've been wanting to meet God. I've heard and have seen the difference He has made in the lives of some people I know, and I think it's time for me and God to meet."
Wonderful! I mean .. that you are in the process of meeting Him and that you're ready to actually meet Him. Well .. in our time together .. I want to introduce you to God. We're learning today How to Meet Him and we find out how in our study of the book of Exodus. So take your Bible and join me in Exodus 19.
Now the book of Exodus can be divided into three divisions: First .. we learn how God SAVED the children of Israel. That's the exodus events. Then we learn how God SEPARATED them. He did that by giving them the Law and the Ten Commandments. And finally, we learn how God SATISFIED them. He did that by providing them the Tabernacle.
God SAVED them. God SEPARATED them. And God SATISFIED them. And the good news today is that what God did for the children of Israel .. He wants to do for you.
God will SAVE you! God will SEPARATE you. God will SATISFY you! But before that can happen .. you have to first MEET God. And that's the good news of the gospel: YOU CAN MEET GOD.
Now you may say, "Wait just a minute. I'm not sure you know who you're talking to." Oh yes I do. I'm talking to a sinner that needs forgiveness and salvation. You say, "How can I meet God after all that I've done? After all I've said? After all the places I've been?"
Learn this: Nobody here is so bad that they cannot be saved and nobody here is so good that they do ...

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