by James Merritt

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Excellence in High Def (5 of 5)
Series: Life in HD
James Merritt
Matthew 5:38-42


1. If you have ever been to Disney world, Disneyland, MGM studios, or in fact anything associated with Walt Disney, then you will know exactly what I am talking about. They don't call it "the magic kingdom" for nothing.

2. From the time I first went to Disney world in 1972, right after it opened, to the numerous times I've been back, the experience has always been the same - magical! There quite simply is just no other experience like it. Outside of your own home, you always find yourself wishing in a way that you could live in a place like that forever. What is it that makes the magic kingdom so magical?

3. Some explain it by an inordinate attention to detail. Some call it "the Disney touch". Some call it "giving it all you got and more". Some call it "going above and beyond". Some call it "a commitment to excellence." Jesus would call it "going the second mile."

4. Without exception, everything associated with Disney is world-class, first-class. When you think about Disney, what comes to your mind? Fun? Family? Unique? One of a kind? What makes all of that true is their commitment to excellence - their willingness to go the second mile.

5. You, too, can have the Disney touch on your life. Not everyone can experience a life of opulence. Not everyone can experience a life of affluence, but everyone can experience a life of excellence. The secret is in the second mile.

6. The second mile is the difference between mediocrity and magnificence. Let me go ahead and define for you what I mean by "the second mile". It is going beyond what is required for minimum approval to what will result in maximum achievement. It is going above and beyond the call of duty of the command of a superior.

7. The second mile takes you from the middle of the pack to the top of the heap. Look at all the roles you play in life and ask this question: "do you want to be the b ...

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