by James Merritt

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Leadership in High Def (2 of 5)
Series: Life in HD
James Merritt
Luke 7:1-10


1. My entrance into the ministry was not as a pastor. My introduction to ministry came when I was asked to become a minister to students. Incidentally, to this day I still have a tremendously deep love for students. I know first hand the opportunity that a church has to impact a generation to come if it really pours its energy into reaching these young people. Before I became a pastor I was a staff member.

2. I served four different churches under four different pastors during my college years and in the first two years after college. It was during those years that I learned what I want to talk to you about today which is leadership in high def.

3. There are some of you out there right now thinking this message is not for you, because you do not see yourself as a leader. The truth is even though you may not see yourself as a leader all of us are leaders in some capacity. Mothers lead children. Husbands lead families - that is if there wife lets them! Managers lead employees. Ceos and coos and cfos and presidents and vice presidents lead managers. If you are an older child, you lead your younger siblings. Everybody has influence over somebody else. If you have influence over anyone then you are a leader.

4. Whatever else a pastor is he must be a leader. He has no choice. Two of the terms used for a pastor in the new testament are ''shepherd'' and ''overseer.'' a shepherd leads a flock and an overseer sees over the affairs of the church. A pastor has no choice in terms of whether or not he is a leader and for the most part neither do you.

5. The greatest lesson that I ever learned about leadership I learned not by being a leader, but by serving under one. I learned a lesson that Jesus taught in an incident that took place with an officer in the roman army. He was called a centurion.

6. Only twice in the bible do we ever read that Jesus was amazed at any ...

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