by Ernest Easley

Quenched from the Rock
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Exodus 17
March 28, 2010

As we continue our series of messages through the book of Exodus under the heading BONDAGE NO MORE. Once you experience freedom, you never want to go back into bondage. This week the Prime Minister of Israel was discussing the conflict in Jerusalem regarding those houses being built. Perhaps you've been keeping up with it. The Prime Minister referred to the Pharoahs and the time when his people were living in bondage to the Egyptians. He said that they would never live in bondage to another people again. \
Once you're set free from bondage .. you never truly want to go back. And the Israelites are still talking about it today Today to chapter 17 where we find God once again meeting the needs of His children.
Our God is the Need-Meeting God! To the hungry He is the bread of life. To those in the dark He is the light of the world. And as we're going to see today .. to those who are thirsty .. He is the original thirst quencher!
Now when you come to chapter 17 .. the children of Israel had experienced the Passover .. they had passed through the Red Sea. Exodus 15.22 tells us that "they went three days in the wilderness and found no water."
God told Moses to throw a certain tree into the water and the waters were made sweet. And you will remember that that tree was a picture of the cross. For it's the cross that sweetens up the bitter waters of life.
Now you would have thought by now that the children of Israel would have realized that God wasn't going to abandon them. He didn't save them out of their bondage to lead them into the wilderness to die nor has God saved you out of your sin to lead you into some wilderness to die.
You say, "But Pastor, why would God lead them into the wilderness having delivered them out of bondage?" The same reason He leads us into the wilderness: to teach them to trust Him.
Let me ask you a question: have you learned to trust God? Yo ...

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