by David Cook

Found Faithful to Jesus in Our Waiting
David Cook
1Thessalonians 4:13-5:11

There is an overwhelming sense of discouragement that is pervading in people's lives today. Just this week, I met a check-out lady at CVS and asked her how things were going. "Awful," was her reply. "My husband and I have one child, I'm pregnant with child # two, however, my husband just left me for another woman in Michigan. I don't know what I'm going to do, $$$ is gone, I'm stressed out to the max." How many of you know someone or feel that way today?

The Word of God gives great hope to those who are discouraged, disillusioned, downcast, etc. The Good News is that God is in control - Jesus is alive, risen, coming again and if you have Jesus as personal Lord and Savior, you can live in His peace today.

Reassurance (13) - One thing about these Thessalonian believers is that had put their faith in the Word of God. Now, because of the intense persecution that Paul faced as he brought them the Word of God, he was only able to stay with them a few short weeks. Paul taught them about worshipping and serving the One True and Living God, encouraging one another, spiritual warfare, witnessing, doing God's will, etc. Paul also taught them to expect the Lord Jesus Christ could return at any moment. These new believers got so excited about the Lord's return and began to prepare their lives to meet Him. However, while they waited for the Lord to return, some of their friends, families, loved ones died. This discouraged them b/c they felt their loved ones would miss out on the wonderful coming of our Lord. Paul encouraged them with the truth that when Jesus came back, their loved ones in Christ would be there, too! The world believes that death is the end of it all (sad). The follower of Christ knows the death is just the beginning to everlasting life in the Presence of the Lord!

Resurrection (14-15) - Why do believers in the Lord Jesus Christ have such hope? Our hope (confidence) ...

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