by Wayne Hinson

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I'm In The Gloryland Way (1 of 7)
Series: High Notes of Higher Living Volume One
Wayne Hinson
Psalm 119: 1 thru 8

1. The Gloryland Way Is The Holy Way
A. One of Cleansing
1. By Our Privilege
2. On Our Platform
3. By Our Progression
B. One Of Caring
1. Caring And Keeping
2. Caring And Seeking
3. Caring and Reaping
C. One Of Controlling
1. Our Sinful Aims
2. Our Slothful Attitudes
3. Our Sole Alignment
2. The Gloryland Way Is The Harmony Way
A. Allegiance Results In Accountability
1. A Careful Allegiance
2. A Concentrated Allegiance
3. A Complete Allegiance
a. Authority Of Our Master
b. Aim Of Our Motives
B. Alignment Results In Accessibility
3. The Gloryland Way Is The Hallelujah Way
A. A Hallelujah Attitude
B. A Hallelujah Aptitude
C. A Hallelujah Altitude

Intro: Verses 1-8 begin this wonderful Psalm with the theme of higher living. In the realm of church life today, we are experiencing a trend of low living. One should realize that low living will never yield high returns of blessings from God. The Psalmist's explanation of the "Glory land Way" is exemplified in his expressions of three main words:

1) "Undefiled in the way" (verse 1)
2) "walk in His ways" (verse 3)
3) "O that my ways were directed (verse 5)
1) "Keep His testimonies" (verse 2)
2) "directed to keep" (verse 5)
3) "I will keep" (verse 8)
1) "walk in the law" (verse 1)
2) "walk in His ways" (verse 3)

The "Glory land Way" that the Psalmist so eloquently describes in these eight verses is very vividly seen in:

I. The Gloryland Way Is The Holy Way (verses 1-3)

A) One Of Cleansing (verse 1)

1. By Our Privilege ("blessed")
The implication asse ...

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