by Wayne Hinson

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Just A Closer Walk With Thee (3 of 7)
Series: High Notes For Higher Living Volume One
Wayne Hinson
Psalm 119: 17-24

1. A Closer Walk That Will Increase My Supply
A. As A Servant
B. As A Searcher
C. As A Sojourner
2. A Closer Walk That Will Improve My Spirit
A. Of Holy Principles
B. Of Haughty Pride
C. Of Heavy Persecution
1. Desertion
2, Death
3. A Closer Walk That Will Incline My Senses
A. Redeeming The Time
B. Rejoicing In The Testimonies

Intro: In this set of eight verses, which form another divine octave, the Psalmist leaves his youthful approach that he used in addressing verses 9-16 and enters the realm of spiritual adulthood. As he does so, he begins to realize just how much he needs a closer walk with God in his daily life. This realization is one that no other religion can claim. Only a child of God can long for his Saviour to be near to him. And only our Saviour, who is a living Saviour can deliver Himself in nearness, for our Lord has promised that "He would be an ever present help in the time of need". The tense of the words used in these eight verses signify a very intense and intimate conversation that might take place between a father and a son. In between the lines, we can glean that the Psalmist is saying, "May I rise to the level of a closer walk with thee".

I. A Closer Walk That Will Increase My Supply (verses 17-19)

A) As A Servant (verse 17)
The Psalmist's use of the word "bountifully" elevates his desire to a new level. No doubt God had dealt with him in favor, but now he realizes that a new level of supply can be opened and accessed. His plea is not one of a servant to a taskmaster, but of a servant to a living and kind Saviour. It is possible for us to be bold in our approach to God, but we should never be too bold in our access and appreciation of His bountiful supply. No doubt the Psalmist has realized that he c ...

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