by Wayne Hinson

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Draw Me Nearer Precious Lord (5 of 7)
Series: High Notes For Higher Living Volume One
Wayne Hinson
Psalm 119: 33-40

1. The Prayer For Divine Perseverance
A. An Undertaking
B. An Understanding
2. The Plea For Divine Power
A. The Road Least Traveled
B. The Rights Least Treasured
C. The Restrictions Least Trusted
1. The Leaning Of The Heart
2. The Longing Of The Heart
3, The Petitions For Divine Parallel
A. Relief From Looking At Vanity
B. Reinforcement of Lasting Vitality
C. Rekindling Of The Lord's Visitation
1. Conjecture
2. Consensus
3. Confession
4. Completeness
D. Re-establishment Of The Lord's Vindication
4. The Prayer For Divine Passionately
A. The Request
B. The Reason
C. The Receiving

Intro: This fifth octave of eight divine notes renders a sense of dependence and consciousness of need, and is made up of pleas and prayers. Our last message dealt with a sense of sin which caused the man of god to cry out for help./ That cry has now developed into requests for teaching, upholding, inclining, stablishing and quickening. These eight verses are a honeycomb of prayer. As we expound and exposit this fifth octave, may we pray with the Psalmist, "Draw me nearer, precious Lord".

I. The Prayer For Divine Perseverance(verses 32-34)

A good word for perseverance is longevity. Those of us who have served the Lord for any length of time, have often observed those who come on like gang busters, only to fizzle out some time later. And perhaps we, ourselves, have fallen victim to this vicious cycle of the devil. We also probably have received very little help from the brethren during these times. As we examine divine perseverance, we will notice that this quality of servant hood comes through:

A) An Undertaking (verse 33)

We need no instruction in the way of sin. Ever since Adam fell, this has been o ...

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