by Wayne Hinson

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He Set Me Free (6 of 7)
Series: High Notes For Higher Living Volume One
Wayne Hinson
Psalm 119: 41-48

1. His Mercy Granted Me Freedom Of Mobilization
A. To Walk In A Godly Direction
1. With Ample Tenderness From God
2. With Applied Teaching From God
B. To Witness With A Godly Dialect
C. To Work With A Godly Dedication
2. His Manifestation Gave Me Freedom Over Manipulation
A. Of Time
B. Of Truth
C. Of Testimonies
3. His Miracles Guided Me To Freedom Of Motivation
A. With A Delight In My Inward Love
B. With A Devotion In My Outward Love
C. With A Demonstration In My Upward Love

Intro: Most of Psalm 119 can rightfully be divided into three categories:

1) Prayer
2) Praise
3) Pleas

In this divine set of eight verses, David begins with prayer, thanking and praising God for His mercy toward him. David looks backward to the day of salvation. When we engage in praise to God for His applied mercies, we cannot go backward any farther than our own salvation experience. This marks the point in time when Almighty God begins His personal dealing with us. We can go further back in our praise, but that is not from personal knowledge, but is from published knowledge. We also are challenged in this octave by a presentation of divine fear. The man of God trembles at the very thought that the Lord would remove His favor from him. After the initial petition of prayer, David engages in one continual pleading for God's grace to continually abide in his soul. We should also make note that David does not support his pleadings with his own personal wishes and wants, but he does back up these pleadings with holy arguments contained in God's Word. This principle teaches us that praying and pleading for God's will to operate in our lives, has always got to be in accordance with God's revealed Word. These eight verses depict a beautiful picture of a child of God, who is operating in complet ...

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