by Wayne Hinson

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Whispering Hope (7 of 7)
Series: High Notes For Higher Living Volume 1
Wayne Hinson
Psalm 119: 49 thru 56

I. A Whispering Hope Furthers Me With A Cause
A. To Operate With A Divine Function
B. To Operate With A Divine Force
II. A Whispering Hope Fulfills Me With A Comfort
A. In Divine Thoughts
B. In Down Times
1. When We Have A Tendency To Decline
2. When We Have A Truth to Demonstrate
III.A Whispering Hope Furnishes Me With a Conclusion
A. In The Midst Of A Song
B. In The Middle Of The Silence
C. In The Moment Of Our Standing

Introduction: There is one word that is the key to having and maintaining a blessed hope. That word is "remember". The Psalmist uses this word three times in these eight verses. He states in verse 49, "remember thy Word", in verse 52, "remember thy judgments", and in verse 55, "I have remembered thy name". In the pilgrim walk, there will be times when it seems that all we have is a whispering hope, and even that hope is always triggered by remembering. Before we can make a forward movement, we must have a backward remembering. Notice that almost every verb in these eight verses is in the past tense, which gives a strong indication that David is remembering how God dealt with him in the past. He is also remembering how he dealt with God in the past. Many time we tend to forget that our salvation is a two way street. From these verses we further see:

I. A Whispering Hope Furthers Me With A Cause

A) To Operate With A Divine Function - verse 49
Notice that before the psalmist can remember God's Word or have a sustaining hope in God's Word, the Lord must first enlighten him with that Word. This octave opens with the request "remember the word unto thy servant". All revelation of scripture must come through enlightenment. The natural man, which is the flesh, cannot comprehend spiritual things. Only the new man, which is the redeemed soul, can receiv ...

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