by Robert Walker

Teach Us to Pray
Robert Walker
Luke 11:1

I read the story of a young man who was a professor at a large University. He had a wife and a family but he didn't believe in God.

He didn't think he needed God or anything that the Church had to offer. He didn't need anything but himself. He didn't pray our Father which art in heaven. He didn't pray lead us not into temptation.

He had all of the answers. He would sit in church tolerating what was going on and later when he went home he would critizes the Church.

Later on he was appointed to a government project and he became a part of the think tank in California. After about two years he called his pastor and said, "I need to see you."

He sat down and he was in tears as he was walking the floor. He said, "Pastor my whole world has collapsed." He said I thought I had it all together. I knew exactly what I needed.

My wife left me and my children have been taken from me. I don't have anything left to live for my world has collapsed. I can't find the answers and I don't have anywhere to turn.

I have come to the conclusion that I need your God. His pastor told him he had to learn how to pray because he couldn't trust in his PhD. He realized that he couldn't trust in his 16 cylinder brain. He couldn't trust his motives anymore.

The pastor told him you have got to come to God and say I need your guidance. I need your direction for my life. I need you to lead me into righteousness. I need you to guide me into truth.

Teach me your will. So he got down on his knees then he got down on his stomach this PhD did and God did a great work. God not only saved him but God taught him what it really meant to pray lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.

Three months later he called his pastor and told him I just wanted you to know that today my wife and I got remarried and we are going on a honey moon.

Turn with me to Luke chapter eleven. I want us to look at these two parables that Jesus ...

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