by Wayne Hinson

You Better Check Your Oil
Wayne Hinson
Matthew 25: 1 thru 13

1. The Similarities Of The Maidens
A. What They Had In Common
1. The Same Desire
2. The Same Destination
B. What They Had To Carry
1. They Were All Virgins
2. They All Had A Vessel
C. What They Had To Consider
1. Their Fuel Supply
a. Five Took Nothing
b. Five Took Notice
2. Their Foolish Sleep
a. Five Slept With Contentment
b. Five Slept Under Condemnation
2. The Suddenness Of The Midnight
A. A Sudden Cry
1. Contained An Announcement
2. Contained An Appointment
B. A Sudden Confusion
3. The Separation From The Marriage
A. A Stirring Demonstration
1. Those That Were Bonafide
2. Those That Were Blessed
3. Those That Were Bonded
B. A Slamming Door
C. A Sad Demanding

Intro: Chapter 25 of Matthew is a unique chapter in that there are no words recorded except those of our Lord Jesus. It is also unique, in that there is only one subject addressed in all forty six verses. That subject is the kingdom of heaven and what qualifies or disqualifies a person to go there. Within these verses, our Lord proclaims that only those who have the oil in their lamps at the midnight hour, those who retain possession of the talents given them and those that are the sheep standing on his left on judgment day, will gain entrance into the kingdom of heaven. This chapter portrays a very strong warning against complacency and procrastination. It also declares the need of preparedness for eternity. It teaches, to all who will listen, that heaven waits only for those who have been born again, redeemed and regenerated by the Holy Ghost of God. There is furthermore, a strong declaration concerning the suddenness of the midnight hour of our Lord's return. As we glean ...

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