by Ernest Easley

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Wedding Bells are Ringing (1 of 2)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Genesis 24

We are back in our study of the book of Genesis. And tonight … let me say that if you enjoy a good love story, then you're going to like the 24th chapter of Genesis. In fact .. I've entitled tonight's message: Wedding Bells are Ringing.
In preparing this message in how God brought Isaac and Rebekah together … I couldn't help but think about how God brought Julie and I together. She was growing up in Minnesota and I was growing up in Texas … a 1000 miles a part .. and yet the distance was no problem for God who made a way for us to meet.
Back in the 70's … Julie's Father was a church planter for what is today the NAMB. My RA Leader as a young boy .. Bob Dixon .. was then the Director of the Texas Baptist Men. He was talking to me one day about a request made from a pastor in Minnesota to have a summer staffer come to work with him and the students in his church.
Well .. I had other plans that summer .. but Bob asked me to pray about going up there for the summer. Frankly .. I didn't want to go. Well .. a week later I received a letter in the mail from Bob Dixon with my summer assignment. I called him and asked him about it. I said, "Mr. Dixon, I thought you asked me to pray about going." He said, "I did. And I prayed about it and God told me that you needed to go to Minnesota for the summer."
Well .. I did go to Minnesota that summer. I did meet the pastor's 19 year old daughter. I did fall head over heals in love with his daughter. I did bring her back to Texas at the end of the summer. And nine months later, I married her. And that was over 30 years ago.
We were 1000 miles away. We grew up in very different worlds. And yet … God made a way to bring us together.
Now in Genesis 24 .. we're going to read about another love story of how God brought two love-birds together .. namely Isaac and Rebekah. And I want to show you from God's word that God is interested in y ...

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