by James Merritt

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Home Economics: What Does God Say about Divorce and Remarriage? (2 of 5)
Series: Study Hall
James Merritt
Matthew 19:1-12


1. There are certain sermons that any preacher knows is a no-win sermon. Let me give you an example. Anytime you preach on giving in some ways you are in a no-win sermon, because there are always going to be people who are thinking, ''all he wants is my money.'' another no-win sermon is on homosexuality, because no Matter how gently you say it or how lovingly you put it, some people are going to say, ''you are homophobic or you are full of homosexual hatred.''

2. Today is one of those no-win sermons. There is probably not a more sensitive topic in today's culture that a pastor will touch than the topic of divorce. Again, no Matter how you put it, if you preach biblical truth concerning divorce some will call you judgmental and others will just say you are unrealistic.

3. I want to say at the outset anyone who really knows me knows that I am neither self-righteous, nor judgmental, nor condescending when it comes to those who are divorced.

4. If I were to die today and you were to come to my funeral, four of the men who will be my pallbearers and carry my casket to the grave are divorced and all four of those men are married to women who have also been divorced. Yet, those men are just like my brothers. I love divorced people just as much as I love non-divorced people. I don't see divorced people as second-class citizens inside the church or outside the church. We have divorced people serving in positions of service and leadership in this church.

5. That being said almost forty years ago, Alvin Tofler wrote a best-selling book called, future shock and he made this prediction.
''instead of wedding ''until death due us part,'' couples will enter matrimony knowing from the start that the relationship is short- lived. When the opportunity presents itself, they will marry again… and again… and again.''

6. I am s ...

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