by Dan Hill

Four Questions For A New Year
Dan Hill
Ephesians 1:18; 5:17

On this last weekend of 2008, as we look forward to a new year, I think that everyone in the world is sort of looking at 2009 with lots of questions that seem to have no answers. The general perspective in the world is one of fear, dread, and a "what's next" kind of mentality. There are just a lot of questions as to what is going to happen.

There is good news in where we are and there is bad news. The bad news is that everything we have put our trust, hope, and confidence in as a people has evaporated. For so long, we as Americans have depended on the strength and stability of our economy and we have lived in an artificial bubble in which we have assumed that we were insulated from genuine hardship and struggle. We have lived with an arrogance and a false sense of well-being that when all is said and done, we as individual and our families would ultimately be able to do what we wanted to do - have what we wanted to have - and live like we want to live and that bubble has burst! And even in the church, among the people of God, we have learned this past few months that our trust and confidence has not really been in God as much as it has been our abilities, our ingenuity, and our perseverance. The facts are, the people of God have worried and stewed and been filled with as much anxiety as the rest of the world. We have not demonstrated nor lived out a reality that is based on the most basic of all premises that God is our source and supply.

The good news in the midst of all this is that we have, perhaps, the greatest opportunity of our lifetime to live out our faith in such a bold expression that we stand out in contrast to a world that is scratching their head! In the midst of hopeless, despair, gloom and doom we have the unprecedented opportunity to live out a faith that not only God can, but that God will. Never has there been a time when that living testimony is more needed. And that means liv ...

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