by Dan Hill

Passing The Faith Along
Dan Hill
Deuteronomy 6:1-9

I don't know of anything that is more fun, more rewarding, more challenging, more painful and downright humiliating than being a parent. Parenting has the greatest expectations attached to it and yet we have the least amount of training to actually do it so most of us are "learning it as we go." I have come to believe strongly that God gives us children to help us learn humility.

I have a pastor friend who tells about a lady he saw in a store in Dallas. She had her toddler in the grocery basket and you know how it is when you have kids in the grocery store. They want everything in the whole ding-dong store! Well, this toddler is giving his mother the business, wanting everything on every aisle and this mother makes the irreversible mistake of going down the aisle that had all the cookies on it. And of course, the kid starts in on his mother to get him some chocolate chip cookies. So, for the rest of their time in the store, on every aisle, this kid is begging for chocolate chip cookies. And his mother kept saying, "No, you cannot have them, I'm not buying them. As they got up to the check-out line and finally to the cashier, the little boy stands up in the basket, raises both arms and hands in the air and says as loudly as he can, "In the Name of Jesus will you get me some chocolate chip cookies?" And the people around the front of the store began to applaud; of course, that mom went and got him the chocolate chip cookies!

We are supposed to teach our kids, but I will tell you; I've been a parent now for 30 years and I have learned an incredible amount of stuff from my kids. I wrote down a few of those things this week:

1. I learned one time that a king-sized water bed holds enough water to full an entire 2,000 square foot house.
2. I learned that if you hook a dog leash over a ceiling fan, the motor is not strong enough to rotate a 42 pound girl in a Rainbow Bright outfit.
3. I have learned that wh ...

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