by Dan Hill

Where In Granville Does God Live?
Dan Hill
1 Corinthians 6:19

The quality of your life - the depth of relationships in your life - the degree which you experience the power of God through your life - and the favor of God upon your life is determined by one factor. That factor is this; the degree which you live in the conscious, continual, and consistent awareness of God's presence.

It is the presence of God in and on our lives that is to be the single most identifying mark of those in whom the Lord Jesus lives.

In Psalm 16:11 David says about God, "You fill me with JOY IN YOUR PRESENCE." So…if there is a noticeable lack of obvious joy in your life, guess what is missing?

It is God's regular presence that is the key factor in helping you make the countless lifestyle choices that you are faced with everyday. It is the manifested, demonstrated presence of God that give us grace and strength through the Holy Spirit when we have those stressful moments, when we have negative feelings that gets us through those difficult situations that are common to life.

It is the power of God's presence that enables us to make it through those inevitable moments when everything seems dark and you can't find your way. When you have experienced the greatest loss, the greatest betrayal, the greatest hurt and disappointment of your life - it is the presence of God that holds you and let's you know, "I am here."

What does the Bible mean when it uses this expression, "the presence of God?" Presence always describes a relationship of some kind. I mean, after all, we know that we are always present to God. Since God is "omnipresent," it means that in the realest sense that is no place that God isn't present to us physically. The question is: Is he always present to us spiritually? NO, no more than the person sitting next to you is spiritually UNLESS we respond to him or her being there. A person may be physically present in a room where we are, but unless we are aware o ...

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