by Dan Hill

What Happened To Judas?
Dan Hill
Acts 1:15-20

I would like you to turn to a couple of places in the New Testament: (1) John 17:12; (2) Mark 14:21; (3) Acts 1:15-20.

Did you know that the dictionary lists some proper names? Don Juan is there, and Casanova. Jezebel is there, and so is Brutus. And then…there is Judas. Judas, the name that blisters the tongue of decent men. Judas, the name that lives in infamy - the name which none of us would ever name our children.

The dictionary defines a "Judas kiss" as a kiss of betrayal to a sacred trust. A "Judas hole" is a peep hole through which guards would spy on prisoners.

The name "Judas" means "praise," but Judas never praised the Lord. He is in fact, the only disciple who never gave to Jesus the honor of calling him "Lord." Judas Iscariot, Judas of Cariot, the little community from which came Sirhan Sirhan, another Judas who assassinated Robert Kennedy.

In all of the Christian vocabulary, no name disturbs us, and well it should, as the name Judas. And yet Judas betrayed more than Jesus Christ. He betrayed the call of God and the plan of God for his life. He betrayed the baptism of John the Baptist to which he willingly submitted and all it stood for. He betrayed the commission of our Lord Jesus Christ who selected him after a night of prayer. He betrayed the other disciples and the Kingdom of God and the sacred trust and holy privilege and awesome responsibility to be an instrument in the hand of God.

If I have learned anything, I have learned two things: (1) the devil never lets us. He will, if he has his way, make a betrayer of us all. (2) I have also learned that he is never in a hurry to do so. He would rather get you at the zenith of your influence and at the peak of your opportunity.

The world is full of people who started out so well. They were privileged to every advantage that Judas was - but they never lived up to that opportunity. How many people do you know who were once a part of thi ...

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