by Rex Yancey

Finding Grace In An Unlikely Place
Rex Yancey
Jeremiah 31:2

G, B, Duncan was a great preacher and writer. In his book, Preacher Among the Prophets, he has a chapter on "Finding grace in an unlikely place." If the truth were known, I believe many people could testify that they found grace in unlikely places.
We could try to define some of those unlikely places. We might call them valleys or desserts. We might call them things like wilderness and steep inclines. But whatever we call them, we have all faced them.
I was about 16 years old and anticipating Christmas. I grew up on a small farm and money was scarce. I had dreamed of receiving a B B gun for Christmas. I started searching around the house one day and found a Bible tucked away in a secure place. I knew it had to be my Christmas present. I was one disappointed teenager. But little did I know at the time that that Book would be the love of my life. I found grace in an unlikely place.
I preached the funeral service of one of my church members who was killed instantly in an automobile accident. I went through depression after that event. However, the brother of that church member went back home, gave my name to the pastor search committee, and my family and I spent 11 years on that church field. I found grace in an unlikely place.
The children of Israel would not go into the Promised Land because of a majority report. Therefore, they wandered in the wilderness for forty years. But the Bible says they experienced grace in the wilderness.
-Jeremiah describes this dessert in 2:6. "A land of desserts and pits…a land of drought and deep darkness…A land that no one passes through, where no one dwells." The Hebrews in their wandering called this wilderness "That great and terrible wilderness."
Jesus was led to a wilderness to be tempted. The wilderness is a type for the wilderness we find ourselves in, not geographically, but spatially.
1. This wilderness re ...

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