by Wayne Hinson

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Farther Along, We'll Understand His Wonder (2 of 4)
Series: Farther Along, We'll Understand Why
Wayne Hinson
Revelation 1: 9 thru 20

Intro: Nearly sixty years had past in the life of the Apostle John. For this disciple, whom Jesus loved, it had been a long time since he laid his head on Jesus' breast, and beheld the glory of the Incarnated Word. Those sixty years had seen times of problems and persecution. Even in these terrible times of perscution, we can see the wonderful hand of God's provdence in the life of John. All of the other original twelve disciples had met with death, but John had been spared. This was, without doubt, God's providence working to spare John, in order that he be exiled to the Isle of Patmos. He had been spared cancellation, but had been sentenced to confinement, in order that he might be the channel through which God would convey the Wonder of Jesus Christ in Revelation. Even though sixty years had come and gone since the earthly visit of Jesus Christ, the reality of that experience was still a stark reality in the soul of John. This is evidenced by John's words in verse 10, "I was in the spirit on the Lord's Day. John, who once lived by sight of the Saviour, was now living by faith in the Saviour. The vision that is unfolded in Revelation Chapter One was certainly no figment of John's imagination. It was the end result of faith. The Bible teaches us that our faith shall end in sight. I notice that there are some requirements or prerequisites that qualified John to receive this vision of Christ's Wonder. When John stated, "I was in the spirit", it would help us to glean from this statement, as to just what his attitude was on that day. We see:

1. A Spirit of Expectancy
It goes without saying, that in our modern day church, we are not expecting much from God. As a result of this nonexpectancy, we can be sure that we will receive nothing. However, in John's case, we can almost feel the expec ...

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