by Wayne Hinson

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Farther Along, We'll understand His Worthiness (3 of 4)
Series: Farther along we'll understand why
Wayne Hinson
Revelation 5

Intro: If we could be granted the divine privilege, in this life, to conduct interviews
in heaven of the many patriarchs who have gone on before us, I suppose the first and foremost question that we woud want to ask them would be, Was it worth it? If we asked this question of John the Baptist, who preached the truth to Herod, and lost his head for it, he would say, "Yes it was worth it all. If we went down the list of all the patriarchs and saints that have suffered and died persecuted deaths throughout the ages, and asked each one this question, I believe their answer would be unanimous. It was worth every mile, that we traveled for the Lord. These unanimous answers would then prompt us to ask the second question, "Why". I believe this overwhelming answer would be "Because He is Worth it". The text in Revelation 5 presents us with a portrait of Jesus Christ in his worth-i-ness. This scene should prompt us to declare, "His worth-i-ness is the driving force behind our Worth-it-ness.

Chapter 4 and 5 have the same scene, but not the same theme. In Chapter 4 the theme is redemption and rapture, but the theme in Chapter 5 changes to redemption and the redeemer. In Chapter 4, we see the message of redemption as it applies to those who have been converted and called, while in Chapter 5 we see the message of redemption as it applies to the creation and its contents.

Chapter 5 contains three distinct spiritual scenes in heaven. They are:

1) A Scene of Helplessness
2) A Scene of Holiness
3) A Scene of Hallelujahs

A challenge is issued from the throne of God to all humanity. That challenge reveals to us that the idealogy of self worth, self esteem, and self righteousness, are all doomed to utter failure. Throughout history, and especially in our day, there have been man ...

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