by Wayne Hinson

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Architecturally Designed to Last (3 of 24)
Chapter 2 God's Construction of a Lasting Union....The Building
Series: That Glorious Union.....Ephesians
Wayne Hinson
Ephesians 2: 1 thru 4

Intro: Some years ago, I traveled to Dallas, Texas to attend a meeting that was being held there. I suddenly discovered that this country boy who had grown up surrounded by one or two story buildings, was amazed by the towering multi-story buildings of the big city. There was, just beside the hotel where I was lodging, the construction of a 40 story building. The workers were busy laying the foundation, and I became amazed at how deep they had dug into the earth. I gleaned a great principle from that long ago observation. That principle being, that the taller the building, the deeper the foundation must be. Not only did they pour a huge amount of concrete, but they neatly and systematically installed, what seemed to be a mountain of rebar steel reinforcement bars. All of these actions were the direct result of the architect's design. There have been many episodes in our world where a building or bridge collapsed. Many times, it was discovered that the reason for the collapse was an architectural design flaw. When we look at the church, we can be assured and have a settled peace in knowing that the architect of design, the Lord Jesus Christ, is also the developer of the design, and is a permanent dweller within the designed results. Ephesians Chapter 2 unfolds before us a wonderful picture of God designing the building, known as the Church. This chapter begins with the initial act of God in quickness or bringing into reality the building of the church. This chapter ends with a declaration that the building is now completed and is ready to house the occupants that have been qualified and included in verse 1.While this heavenly designed building can be seen on earth, the foundation of this building, Jesus Christ, is himself seated in heaven. We now have a habit ...

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