by Wayne Hinson

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Artistically Developed to Last (4 of 24)
Chapter 2 God's Construction of a Lasting Union …..The Building
Series: That Glorious Union....Ephesians
Wayne Hinson
Ephesians 2: 5-7

Intro: We have previously seen the design that comes from the foreknowledge of our Divine Architect, now we are presented with the functioning of our Divine Artist. The foundation of this building, known as the church, has been completed, but now the furnishing of this church has commenced. The structure now stands strong, but a building with no furnishings only becomes a monument. Our God now takes the monument and installs the meaning and the manifestation. We see this in:

I. God's Turning on the Life Source
(vs 5 "power over deadness")

A) He replaces Silence with Sound
("even when we were dead")
According to the very nature of deadness, there is no sound projected from this state. Where there is no life, there is no sound. Our divine artist now turns on the power that only He possesses over deadness, and where only deadness and a deafening silence once existed, there is now the wonderful sound of life. this is the divine point where the house becomes a home. the habitat of God's building, which is the church, was architecturally designed for occupancy by the Divine Artist's direction. Not only is the announcement declared, but the activity is demonstrated. God has announced that life now exists in the building. Deadness of silence has been replaced with the Deity of substance. The sign "Open house" has been displayed, The doors are now open for business.

B) He replaces Self Destruction with Sovereignty
("hath he quickened together with Christ")
We also see that this monument now turns into a meeting place, where our Divine Architect and artist meet with those who are invited and included in the habitation of this new home. We are not brought into this building of God to live and exist in isolated rooms, but we are included and incorp ...

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