by Wayne Hinson

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Chapter 2 God's Construction of a Lasting Union …...The Building
Series: That Glorious Union....Ephesians
Wayne Hinson
Ephesians 2: 8 thru 22

I. The Welcome Sign has been Posted
(vs 8-9)
God's open house and grand opening has been declared. The welcome sing to all sinners is now displayed in front of God's glorious building. This welcome sign explains how and when this building can be entered. We see further by way of enlightenment that there is a:

A) Front Door of Grace
Most buildings have a main entrance and side entrance as well as a rear entrance. God's building, which is the church, only has one door, and that door establishes the only entrance into the building. There are no side doors to sneak in through, and no rear doors to back into. One either enters the front by grace and becomes a saved saint, or continues to stand on the sidewalk outside and becomes only a sinful spectator. Jesus said, "I am the Door", and our Saviour stands guard at the main entrance and examines every person entering to see if they contain the necessary qualifications to enter. This front door of grace can only be entered by the possession of faith and through the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace becomes the key that unlocks the door into Christ, and all this is done through our faith. We must approach the door of Jesus holding the key of grace, and believing by faith, that this key will unlock the door.

B) Free Door of the Gift
Once we have inserted the key called grace, and involved the document called faith, and entered the door called Christ, we immediately are delighted to see the next door open automatically that contains the gift of salvation. Because this door is free, we are exempt and denied the right to exert our own power to open the door. This gift is given, not of ourselves, but is given by grace from God. If we lifted one finger in the process of opening this door o ...

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