by Wayne Hinson

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Following is the Sacrifice of a Loving Union (16 of 24)
Chapter Five "God's Counseling of a Loving Union - The Bride"
Series: That Glorious Union....Ephesians
Wayne Hinson
Ephesians 5: 1 thru 2

Intro: In our study of Ephesians, this chapter is the chapter of application and actuation. This chapter could easily be called Christian living 101, because it deals with the one area that thoroughly covers our entire Christian life. That area is love, and chapter five places the realm ;of love exactly where it belongs, which is in the middle of all activity concerning the church. The church is not a beautiful casket of the dead or a flower bedecked grave of the lost. It is the home of the redeemed. It is not a field of religious sport, but is a place of holy activity for Christ. It is not a lecture hall in which we discuss popular subjects or current events, but it is a place where the precious gospel is preached. It is not a social service enterprise, dishing out soap, soup and sunshine, but it is a place to make known the beauties;of the Lord Jesus Christ and to feed his people the bread of life. The church is not a dispensary for human ailments, but is a place where a lost and dying sinner can obtain the sweetest and best medicine for the soul. It is not a society for the prevention of earth's ills,because we are never commanded to clean up the pigpen, but to help God turn pigs into sheep. The church is not an association for cleaning up the city, although the preaching of the gospel message will clean up every individual that hears and believes it. The church is not in the business of making the world better by reform, or polishing the rails of a sinking ship. The church cannot be compared with all other religious organizations in this world, but can be contrasted with all other religious organizations. Christ shed His blood to save her, to wash her, to sanctify her, to cleanse her, and to purify her. He has made her the most beautiful of all ...

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