by Steve Jones

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Jesus, My Honest Hero - Part I (6 of 10)
Series: Jesus, My Hero
Steve Jones
Mark 10:17-22

INTRODUCTION: Henry Snowden pulled into the drive-up window at a Burger King in Deltona Florida for a burger, some fries and drinks on Friday, March 27th ('09). Not only did he get his order, he also got $4,170 of the restaurant's earnings stuffed inside a brown paper bag. This isn't what Burger King means when they say you can have it your way. Snowden said "We looked at the money as we ate. We knew immediately we should take it back. But I've got to admit, I was definitely tempted." Snowden, 31, the owner of an internet provider based in Lake Helen, Florida, returned the money Saturday morning and learned that the restaurant places the day's deposits in the same bags used for food orders, as a disguise to prevent robberies. The clerk working the pickup window mistakenly gave Snowden the deposit package, which a store manager had placed near Snowden's food. Snowden was met with tears, thanks, AND a free lunch when he returned to the Burger King. Workers told him a reward may be coming. But Snowden said he has something better: a choice his conscience can digest. "I'm not a glory hound," he said. "I'm glad I was able to do the right thing. And I feel better than I've ever felt."

Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Steve, I wonder, would YOU have returned that money to Burger King?" And you know what I'm thinking. I'm wondering the same thing about YOU. Actually, I believe that most of you would have been honest enough to return that money and I'd LIKE to think that I would have as well. But this much I know, I KNOW that JESUS would have returned that money to Burger King, or Donkey-Kong, or whatever the equivalent was back then, because if Jesus was anything, he was honest.

We're in a sermon series entitled "Jesus, my hero" in which we've been focusing on the heroic qualities of Jesus as they're revealed in the Gospel of Mark. ...

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