by Steve Jones

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Jesus, My Worthy Hero (8 of 10)
Series: Jesus, My Hero
Steve Jones
Mark 14

INTRODUCTION: Michael Vick was a stand-out high school football player from an economically depressed inner-city area. Vick received a football scholarship to play for the Virginia Tech Hokies. However, he left college after only two seasons and was selected as the first overall draft pick by the Atlanta Falcons in 2001. He gained wide popularity for performance on the field, landing record-setting player contracts and lucrative commercial product endorsement deals. By 2006, he was reportedly one of the top ten richest athletes in the United States, worth tens of millions of dollars. However, discovery of his role as the key figure in a dog-fighting ring resulted in felony convictions, suspension from professional football, a 23-month federal prison term and personal bankruptcy. He had to pay one million dollars to the perpetual care of the dogs. Scientists monitored the dogs and recorded a cat-scan of one dog's dreams of playing football with Michael Vick (Show picture of dog chasing Vick). Michael Vick will complete his sentence probably in June of 2009 and has already been offered a job. The Albany Firebirds, an arena football franchise, have offered Vick a one-year contract at the league standard: $200 per week plus a $50 bonus for a win. Oh how the mighty have fallen. That contract is an expression of Michael Vick's current WORTH on the market.

I want to talk about "worth" today. One of the definitions of worship is "to ascribe worth to". In worship we are trying to express the worth or value that we assign to Jesus. What is he worth to us? Can we put a dollar figure on it? Can we put a dollar figure on what Jesus is worth to us? "Of course not" we think, but that is exactly what some of his disciples attempted to do in the incident we're going to look at today.

We're in a sermon series entitled "Jesus, My Hero" in which we're focusing on the heroic qu ...

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