by Wayne Hinson

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Realms of Remembering (1 of 11)
Series: Realms of Revival (The Gates of Nehemiah Chapter 3)
Wayne Hinson
Nehemiah 1: 1-14

Intro: There are four classes of Christians. They are:
1) Shallow Christians
They come to church once a week. You cannot count on them for anything else, although they have no problem going and doing anything else. They want no restrictions and no responsibility.
2) Sitting Christians
They come for most of the Sunday functions of the church. Occasionally a Wednesday night service. But that is where the line is drawn. Their service is limited to warming a pew.
3) Separated Christians
The strength of their moral fiber is Christ. They have Christian principles and standards. They give to the causes of the church. Can be counted on, if asked, some of the time, but there are limits to their service.
4) Saturated Christians
To them, Christ spells service. This is their life, not a sideline. They are always present when the doors are opened. They take the initiative to do the work, even when not asked. Nehemiah was in this group. His vision was one of sorrow and remorse for the destruction in Jerusalem. His vision was also one of sight, in that he saw a vision of the walls rebuilt. It is a virtue to be close enough to Christ to see the tragedy, but it is altogether another virtue indeed, to see the triumph that can come out of tragedy. Our lives and our churches are in the same mess as those walls and gates were. As long as we are in this condition, we have no defense, we are vulnerable to the enemy's attack. Strongholds of the faith have been torn down, and it is our responsibility to rebuild them. We must begin to live in the "Realms of Real Revival". First, the realm of remembering brings us to see:


As Nehemiah surveyed Jerusalem, he was quickly reminded of the glory of the past. No one would have ever believed that the walls and gate once stood as a sign to the world of God's strength and s ...

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