by Wayne Hinson

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Tell me the old old story....The Old Gate (4 of 11)
Series: Realms of Revival
Wayne Hinson
Nehemiah 3: 6 thru 12; Jeremiah 6:16

Intro:Of all the ten gates in Nehemiah chapter 3, the old gate has more said about it and it's workers than any of the other gates. Just this fact alone should inform us that there is a great importance placed on the meaning of this gate. It is also the first gate that mentions the beams, bars, doors and locks. These terms have definite application in the Christian life:

1) Beams represent the Foundations (vs 8 "fortified")

the word "fortify" has a triple meaning:
a) military application: it mean to strengthen and secure with military strongholds. Our spiritual strongholds are the Book, the Blood and the Blessed hope.
b) mental application: means to strengthen, encourage and secure our mental well being
c) moral application: means to strengthen and build up our moral convictions.

2. Bars represent the Faith
a) faith that moves mountains
b) faith that motivates members

3) Doors represent our Freedom
a) freedom to accept the Saviour
b) freedom to align with the Scripture
(Psalm 119:105)

4) Locks represent our Family
a) lock hell out
b) lock heaven in

The old gate represents the old paths of God. It cries out to us that there is no new way. The old way is:
1) the Salvation way
2) the Saviour's way
3) the Safe way

I. Tell me the old old story of "Good News"
Scripture is very similar, in some respects, to a newspaper. In the newspaper world, you have an editor, a publisher and a paper boy. God's Word has all three of these dimensions behind the scenes. Our precious Word did not come to us by happenstance, but by providence. In our divine, infallible newspaper of God's Word, we find

A) The Editor who decides the Content
Once the editor of a newspaper makes the decision on context, t ...

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