by Wayne Hinson

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That My Sin Is Before Me (1 of 11)
Series: I Can See Clearly Now
Wayne Hinson
Genesis Chapter 3

INTRO: Regardless of which spectrum of society we might look at today, there is definitely a tremendous lack of clear vision. The political arena is nothing but a mass of blurred vision, where real truth is a scarce commodity. The social arena is a mess of blocked vision, with every sin of mankind being tagged as a new syndrome or addiction. And yes, the spiritual areas are suffering from bad vision, in that very few seem to be able to see clearly any more. Preachers and churches alike have become blind to God's truth. Although mankind is far more intelligent physically and mentally than Adam and Eve were, and even though man today has vast amounts of spiritual revelation that they were not privy to, he is still handicapped because of bad, blurred and blocked vision. Proverbs 29:18 tells us. "where there is no vision, the people perish". Isaiah 28:7 relates to us that when we "err in vision, we stumble in judgment.. Lamentations 2:9 warns us about "prophets with no vision". What our forefathers saw clearly, has become a blurred and blocked vision to the 2010 church. To see clearly is not to see things as they were, nor is it to see things as they should be, nor is it to see things as we hope they will be, but it to see things as they are. May God help us to see the massive mess that Christians and churches are in today, and may the convicting power of the Holy Ghost persuade us to take action to remedy that mess that we are in! Many today say "where is the God of Elijah, but I say, "Where is the Elijah of God?"

As we begin to unveil this text, may the good Lord help us to see that just as Adam and Eve were deceived, and fell into sin, so has the church of 2010 been deceived and fell into sin. We see first:


A) The Introduction of Deception

1) Satan is a Seducer (vs 1)
The word "serpe ...

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