by Wayne Hinson

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That the Seasons Become Me (2 0f 11)
Series: I Can See Clearly Now
Wayne Hinson
II Timothy 4: 5-18

Intro: In the course of a day on this earth, shadows are always present in the evening hours. Just before the sun goes to bed for the night, shadows always present a time when our vision might not be as clear as it was in the morning and noon day hours. In comparing this with our lives, one would automatically think that our vision would be somewhat impaired in the evening hours of our life. However, in reading and studying this portion of Paul's writings to young Timothy, we are surprised to discover that the aged apostle probably has the clearest spiritual sight and vision of his life. As he gazed into the hereafter, I believe Paul may have been thinking thoughts similar to the song written and sang by the late Dottie Rambo which goes like this:

There's a light in the window,
The table is spread in splendor
Someone's standing by the open door
I can see the crystal river
I must be near forever
And I've never been this homesick before

May we be granted the wonderful and glorious vision that Paul was experiencing in these verses. May we pattern our ministries and lives in such a way that we would be granted a clear vision in the last days of our lives. May we, as God's children, be able and qualified to say with the apostle preacher, "I can see clearly now". In his clear vision, Paul was able to see:

I. Clear Memories of Past Days
As Paul gazed with clear vision back into the days of his past, he no doubt could see the vast amount of work accomplished, but he could also see the vicious amount of wiles asserted against him. His past record is well worth our undivided attention. Paul have been a man of:

A) A Devotion that was irreplaceable (vs 5-6)

1) The Fight
("I have fought a good fight")
Paul alludes to the fact that his preaching ministry had been a fight. The term "good fight" means that he was fighting for the c ...

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