by Wayne Hinson

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That My Spouse Is Before Me (3 of 11)
Series: I Can See Clearly Now
Wayne Hinson
Genesis Chapter 24

Intro: Since this chapter is the longest one in the book of Genesis, it would appear that God has something special in it, and that He goes into minute detail to explain it. This chapter contains one of the most glorious pictures of salvation by the grace of God that can be found anywhere in the Holy Writ. Abraham the old patriarch is dying. Before he does, he wants to find a bride for his son Isaac. He sends an unnamed servant to his relative's homeland to find this bride. The servant does what he is sent to do. He finds a bride for Isaac and succeeds in his mission, then returns home with the bride for Isaac. In this story of types and pictures, Abraham is the picture of God the father. The servant beautifully and completely represents the Holy Ghost. Rebekah represents the church, and Isaac is a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ. On the journey back to meet her bridegroom, Rebekah's knowledge of him is limited to the area of faith. No doubt the unnamed servant tells her of Isaac, but until she actually sees him, she has to operate on faith. Just as we are, as believers in Christ through faith, limited in our vision of our heavenly bridegroom, so was she. Just as we cannot see clearly now, so she could not see clearly. This wonderful story culminates, just as ours will, in that glorious day when we will behold our beautiful bridegroom and be able to say, "I can see clearly now". In this text, we discover that the father was faithful in preparation, plan and purpose. We also see that the servant was unnamed but not unknown, unnamed but not unwilling, unnamed but not unwise and unnamed but not unlimited. As this story develops, we further see that the son Isaac was a man of mystery, a man of money and a man of matrimony in Rebekah eyes. Now as the bride Rebekah enters the scene, we see:

It is interesting to not ...

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