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A Saying About The Christian Being A Christian (4 of 4)
Series: This Is a Faithful Saying
Ken Trivette
Titus 3:8

1. The Manifestation of Good Works
a) The Rejection of Our Works
b) The Revelation of Our Works
2. The Maintaining of Good Works
a) Carefully Maintained
b) Constantly Maintained
3. The Ministry of Good Works
a) Appealing
b) Advantageous

1. We have been looking at the four occasions we find the phrase, "This is a faithful saying." As we have seen, these are truths that are absolutely reliable and dependable. Most likely, these four "faithful sayings" were familiar to the early Church and recognized summaries of key truths in a believer's life. In the fourth and final "faithful saying" found in the Epistle of Titus we are given a "faithful saying" concerning "good works."

2. These "good works" are more than involvement in a Church or ministry. Paul is talking about more than singing in the choir, teaching a Sunday school class, participating in visitation, and helping in the youth department. The idea behind these "good works" is the matter of doing good as a Christian. The word "works" on 22 different occasions is translated deeds. As a Christian we are to do good deeds.

3. However, these deeds are more than mowing a senior citizens yard or helping someone who needs your help. These deeds are the fleshing out of what a person is in the Lord Jesus. Albert Barnes writes, "The ‘good works,' here refer not merely to acts of benevolence and charity, but to all that is upright and good-to an honest and holy life."1

4. In essence, Paul is calling for the Christian to be a Christian. In verses 4-7 he speaks of how God's love and kindness was manifested unto man and resulted in our salvation. Now in verse 8 he calls for us to be what we are in Christ Jesus. Since we are saved, our life should be reflective of what has happened in our life. In short, the Christian should be a Christian.

5. Perhaps the greatest hindrance to t ...

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