by Ken Trivette

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A Saying For The Ministers Of Christ (2 of 4)
This Is a Faithful Saying
Ken Trivette
1 Timothy 4:9

1. A Good Minister
a) Honest in His Message
b) Honorable to His Master
2. A Growing Minister
a) An Apprehension of God's Word
b) An Application of God's Word
3. A Godly Servant
a) The Pursuit of Godliness
b) The Profit of Godliness

1. In our last study, we saw that on four occasions in the New Testament, there occurs the phrase, "This is a faithful saying." As we saw, a "faithful saying" is a truth or doctrine that is absolutely true and reliable. In the first study we looked at the first occurrence of this phrase in 1 Timothy 1:15, "This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief." That Christ came into the world to save sinners is indeed a great truth and one that we can believe with absolute confidence.

2. In this study we want to consider the second occurrence of the phrase in 1 Timothy 4:9 where we read, "This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation." The faithful saying, as seen in its context, involves being a minister of Jesus Christ. In verse 6 Paul speaks of a "minister of Jesus Christ." The primary idea is that of a servant. A.T. Roberson says the word speaks of one's service for Christ. The first occurrence of the phrase has a word to sinners. The second has a word to servants.

3. As a foot note, the word "minister" is the word from which we get the word deacon. The word basically speaks of an attendant or waiter on tables. A deacon in the Bible is never seen as a manager, but as a minister. Tragically, most deacons see themselves as a board to run the Church rather than as a body to serve the Church. I have found by experience that most Church problems come from deacons who have a false and distorted view of the Biblical role of a deacon.

4. Paul was speaking personally to Timothy about the kind of minister he should be. Of c ...

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