by Ken Trivette

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A Saying to Make Bruised Bones Leap for Joy (1 of 4)
Series: This Is a Faithful Saying
Ken Trivette
1 Timothy 1:15

1. A Glorious Condescension
a) The Love That Brought Him Down
b) The Lost That Brought Him Down
2. A Grievous Condition
a) The Universal Fact of Sin
b) The Eternal Fate of Sinners
3. A Gracious Conversion
a) His Former Life
b) His Forgiven Life

1. I must confess that I have taken my title from the comments made by Thomas Bilney about the text I am considering. Bilney, an early martyr of the Reformation who was burned at the stake, tells of his conversion after reading 1 Timothy 1:15. He describes the moment: "This one sentence, through God's instruction and inward working...did so exhilarate my heart, being before wounded with the guilt of my sins, and being almost in despair, that even immediately I seemed unto myself inwardly to feel a marvelous comfort and quietness, insomuch that my bruised bones leaped for joy."

2. Indeed, the glorious truth "that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners" is enough to make the bruised bones of all sinners leap for joy. I know it did and does mine! There is not any greater news to a poor hell-bent, sin-burdened sinner than that there is One who can save them from their sins.

3. I Timothy 1:15 is one of four occasions that you find the statement, "This is a faithful saying." For the next few studies I want to consider these four occasions that we find this expression. The word "saying" speaks of something that has been said and by implication a topic. As used in the four occasions we find this expression it speaks of a divine truth and declaration.

4. The word "faithful" speaks of that which is assuredly true, that which can be depended on and on which one can with the utmost confidence rely. Adam Clarke says that "it is a doctrine that may be credited, without the slightest doubt or hesitation." Matthew Poole says "it is a saying that is in itself true."

5. These four ...

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