by Steve Jones

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Jesus, My Empowering Hero (3 of 10)
Series: Jesus, My Hero
Steve Jones
Mark 6:30-44

INTRODUCTION: Lt. General Hal Moore is one of America's greatest Generals and military leaders of all time. But, it's his profound love of his men that radiates from his soul.

In 1965, then Lt. Colonel Moore and 450 of his troopers leaped into the valley of death known as the Ia Drang Valley. They were quickly surrounded by 2,000 North Vietnamese enemies determined to kill all of the US soldiers. Under Moore's leadership his men fought against overwhelming odds for three days and nights. The surviving enemy retreated after losing 1,000 of their men. The 1st Battalion 7th Cavalry lost 79 men. The battle was over.

The General's story was made into a major motion picture called, "We Were Soldiers" starring Mel Gibson.

General Moore is a hero not just because he was a great leader himself, but also because he was a devout man of faith and prayer who believed in empowering his men. This is well-illustrated in the movie in a scene that depicts the soldier's training. When their helicopter lands, Moore thumps the leader on the chest and says "You're dead", then he turns to the next guy and says "Now what do you do?" In war, every man must be prepared to step into a leadership role at a moment's notice. General Moore also strove to equip his men spiritually. He states publicly: "My convictions on leadership, and my actions as a Military, Business, and Family Leader are based on my strong Christian beliefs—most especially the wisdom and teachings of Jesus Christ and the Ten Commandments." (Show brief clip from the movie)

We're in a sermon series entitled "Jesus, My Hero" wherein we're focused on the heroic qualities of Jesus. We've looked at Jesus as an inspiring hero and a strong hero. Today I want us to see that Jesus is an EMPOWERING hero. Jesus' earthly ministry lasted approximately three years after which he ascended into heaven and left the task of spiritu ...

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