by Steve Jones

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Jesus, My Peerless Hero (5 of 10)
Series: Jesus, My Hero
Steve Jones
Mark 9

INTRODUCTION: Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger grew up in Denison Texas. Sully built model planes and aircraft carriers during his childhood. He gained a pilot's license at age 14. Sully enrolled at the United States Air Force Academy. In his graduation year at the academy he received the outstanding cadet in Airmanship award, which is given to the top flier in each class. He served as a fighter pilot for the US Air Force from 1975 to 1980 piloting McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II's. He advanced to become a flight leader and a training officer and advanced to the rank of captain. Sully has worked for US Airways since 1980 and since 2007 has run his own safety consulting business. Some people seem born to an appointment with destiny. On January 15th, 2009, Sully was pilot in command of an Airbus A320 from New York to Charlotte North Carolina. Shortly after taking off, Sully reported to air traffic control that the plane had hit a large flock of birds disabling both engines. He quickly decided to ditch the plane in the Hudson River. He told the passengers to "brace for impact" then piloted the plane to a smooth ditching in the River. All passengers and crew members survived in what was dubbed the "Miracle on the Hudson River." The entire incident took six minutes. The National Transportation Safety Board spokesperson declared the day after the accident "It has to go down as the most successful ditching in aviation history." In a 60 Minutes interview Katie Couric asked Captain Sullenberger, who is a devout Methodist: "Did you, at any point, pray?" His answer: "I would imagine someone in the back was taking care of that for me while I was flying the airplane." That reminds me of that old quote: "If God is your co-pilot - switch seats."

Every once in a while a hero comes along and performs an act of heroism that seems so superior that he or she is said to be without pe ...

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