by Keith Krell

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The Point of No Return (2 of 14)
Series: Focus on Your Family
Keith Krell
John 13:18-30

Our skin is soft, like tightly woven fabric. It appears porous from the outside with millions of tiny openings that ooze sweat. But our skin is a surprisingly effective barrier. For decades medicine makers have tried to develop drugs that can be administered through the skin. Doctors call them transdermal drugs—like some pain-relieving sprays and nicotine and hormone patches. Pharmaceutical companies are racing to perfect a way to manufacture drugs that can be painlessly administered through the skin. But for all their efforts, scientists have only found a handful of compounds that go through our skin. However, if our skin is properly prepared, medicines can permeate it. Scientists have developed ointments that make the skin able to transmit drugs. They've used very low electrical currents to propel drugs through the skin. They've even invented little patches about the size of a band-aid with tiny micro needles that pierce the top layers of the skin enough to get drugs in but not deep enough to be felt by our nerves. This has all been done in an attempt to overcome the barrier of our skin.

Spiritually, we're the same. Our hearts have barriers. We can be immersed in God's grace, but at times none of it permeates into our hearts. We need God to prepare our hearts so that He can administer His grace. Throughout America, many people attend church on a weekly basis and are even involved in various small groups or ministries, yet have never personally trusted in Christ. This is why it's been said there are three kinds of believers in every church: believers, unbelievers, and make-believers. Because the reception of faith in Christ is an invisible transaction that takes place between God and an individual, it's often difficult to know who is a believer. Some might object, "Well, that's easy, just look at a person's works to determine whether one is genuine or counterfeit." ...

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