by Keith Krell

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Love Power (3 of 14)
Series: Focus on Your Family
Keith Krell
John 13:31-38

I am an avid reader, and I really enjoy buying books. In fact, book buying may be my greatest addiction. I'm especially prone to buying books online. I frequently buy cheap used books on Amazon marketplace. When I am done reading these books, I sell them back to earn money to maintain my addiction. However, this past week, instead of buying any books, I did a little research on book titles. Here's what I discovered: lists 507,878 book titles about heaven, 547,195 about sex, 766,921 about God, and 884,737 about money. Isn't this astounding? Even more staggering is the fact that one topic beats out all of these—love. There are 922,816 that contain love in their title.

Love is a popular word in our society. Our world is desperately seeking true love. There are all kinds of dating services, escort services, personal classifieds, bars, clubs, and social organizations. There are illicit websites and chat rooms where you can pursue love without leaving your own home. All of these opportunities promise "true love" or "real love." But this is an example of the classic country song by Johnny Lee, "Looking for love in all the wrong places...looking for love in too many faces." I'll stop there. The point is: Our world craves love, but they can't find fulfilling and lasting love.

Love is also a frequent word in the Bible. The Bible uses the root word "love" over 500 times from Genesis through Revelation. Interestingly, for our purposes, the word love is used only twelve times in John 1-12, but in John 13-21 it is used forty-five times! Hence, in the last twenty-four hours of his life, Jesus uses the word love repeatedly. The closer He travels toward the cross, the more love is on His heart and mind. In John 13:31-38, Jesus suggests that the key to impacting the world is for Christians to love each other. So why is the church having so little impact on society? We're ...

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