by Keith Krell

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A Prescription for Heart Trouble (4 of 14)
Series: Focus on Your Family
Keith Krell
John 14:1-14

Which of God's commandments would you say is the most difficult for you to obey? Perhaps you would say, "The commandment, ‘Do not lie' is most difficult because when I'm in a tight spot and I can twist the truth just a little, it seems harmless." You might say, "The commandment not to covet is really difficult to obey in a materialistic society. If somebody I know gets richer or they achieve a status that I want for myself, it's hard not to be jealous of them." Perhaps you might point to Jesus' command not to lust as one being very difficult to obey in a sensual society. Or what about Paul's commandment: "Do all things without grumbling?" Maybe you have thought complaining is your spiritual gift. There's no way you could obey that commandment, right?

Indeed, there are many difficult commandments. I think one of the hardest commandments to obey is: "Do not let your heart be troubled" (John 14:1a). There's so much to be troubled about: potential war and terrorist attack, political corruption, crime and violence, and economic pressure. If you weren't feeling troubled, you probably are now. On top of the various national and international troubles, there are many "what if?" scenarios. What if I get cancer? What if I'm in an accident? What if my spouse leaves me? What if one of my children dies? What if I lose my job? What if I lose my friends and am rejected at school? All this and much more can bring on heart trouble. That's why some pundits have said that we live in "The Cardiac Age." Everyone seems to have heart trouble.

However, your heart trouble may not be based upon national or international concerns or "what if" scenarios. Your worry and fear may be intensely personal. You may be a single mother wondering how to be a good parent and provider. You may be a parent or grandparent agonizing over the rebellion of your children and grandchildren. Perhaps ...

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