by Keith Krell

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The Advantage Plan (10 of 14)
Series: Focus on Your Family
Keith Krell
John 16:5-15

Have you ever been on a long family road trip? I have. When I was growing up, my family took a great many road trips. The two most memorable were six week cross-country jaunts across the US. Yes, that's right: Our family of four packed into a small Subaru wagon . . . and not once but twice. My parents planned the trip and would pack food, clothing, and everything else we needed. I didn't pack anything except my Sony Walkman and a few books. My Dad was the driver and my Mom was the navigator. I didn't do a thing except frequently ask, "How much longer?" As a boy, I didn't really have a care in the world. I depended upon my parents for everything.

I discovered that there were many advantages for a kid traveling with his parents. I never worried about how we would get from Wyoming to Wisconsin. I never worried about where our next meal would come from, or if we would run out of gas. I never worried about traveling in the darkness during heavy rainstorms or where we would spend the night. I knew my parents would take care of everything.

For most of us, life is more like a long road trip than a short vacation. There are long days of steady driving; there are times of driving down dark and lonely roads. There are some nice hotels and some absolute dives. Today, you may be at a dark point in your journey. You may be stuck in heartbreak hotel. You may be discouraged, depressed, and even defeated. Perhaps you're on the verge of calling roadside assistance. Jesus wants you to know that He has given you a Helper who can provide you countless advantages. Most importantly, He can guide you through your earthly life and then take you to your eternal home. Jesus will say: The Holy Spirit is a God send.

In John 16:5-15, Jesus is talking to His disciples on the night before He is crucified. The disciples are heartbroken to hear that He is leaving. They are scared to dea ...

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