by Dennis Marquardt

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Escape From Temptation! (9 of 9)
Series: Great Escapes
Dennis Marquardt
James 1:12-15 1 Cor. 10:13

INTRO: Temptation is a common thread among us as human beings! Some of the biggest battles you will deal with in your life involve the process of temptation. The best policy when you give in to temptation and sin is to quickly repent and admit you're wrong and set a new course of action.

ILLUS: The wrong approach to failure is demonstrated by the little boy who was caught eating cookies out of the cookie jar after having been told he could not have any. His response to his mom; "I really wasn't going to eat any mom, I just climbed up to smell the cookies, you didn't say I couldn't smell them, and while smelling them somehow my teeth got caught on several of them and they wouldn't fall off!" - Source Unknown

Much of the sorrow in our lives is the result of having submitted to temptations of sin. Those who learn to resist temptation will realize a strong happy Christian life.

PROP. SENT: Though we all are tempted to sin God has clearly said that He will always provide a way out if we are willing to take it, we can ESCAPE FROM TEMPTATION!


A. Remaining Steady 1:12a
1. The phrase translated in the NIV "...perseveres under trial," literally means "enduring temptation." (KJV uses this)
a. It is the same Greek word used here as in verse 13 where "tempted" is used.
b. The difference here is between EXTERNAL temptations that are allowed by God to build character in us and internal temptations that come from our sinful nature that tend to destroy us!
2. The man who "endures temptation" ... or better, "perseveres under trial," is "BLESSED" or happy because of the fruit or character that it builds into his life.
3. While God may use and allow trials or temptations to exist from external sources for the expressed purpose of building our faith and character HE NEVER tempts us to sin!
4. The idea here is like with J ...

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